Middle Kingdom Here I Come!

Middle Kingdom Here I Come!

Back in March of 2008 I wrote a series of posts about doing business in China, high context communication and Guanxi. These were inspired while I was attending an internal Microsoft event. Earlier this year during a similar event, inspiration struck again and now I’m moving to Beijing! I’ll continue to focus on driving adoption of Microsoft’s data platform, Cloud and Web technologies with a laser focus on the Chinese market.

The past three years living in Seattle, working as a Technical Evangelist at Microsoft have been incredible.  Some of the highlights that stand out are:

  • Being mentored by one of the world’s best technology evangelists, Roger Doherty
  • Working with a world-class team including: Neil Hutson, James Conard, David Aiken, Ryan Dunn and Vitorrio Bertocci
  • Partnering with Anthony Carrabino to drive BillG’s TechEd 2008 data platform keynote demo delivered by Dave Campbell
  • Bridging the gap with the PHP developer community and SQL Server
  • Working with Thomas Lewis to deliver the WordPress on SQL Server patch
  • Driving evangelism of our Cloud database service, SQL Azure
  • Helping launch Microsoft’s information service “Dallas” by driving a segment of Ray Ozzie’s PDC 09 keynote and delivering the session
  • Presenting for the first time in Spanish, delivering 2 sessions for the SQL Server 2008 R2 launch in Lima, Peru; thanks for the opportunity Jorge
  • Connecting to the Microsoft developer community through Channel 9
  • Burying myself in the Seattle salsa scene, dancing with Salsa Salvaje and Mambo U… on2 baby!
  • Climbing some of the worlds most beautiful peaks throughout the Cascades

I’m really going to miss the amazing Seattle summer, my friends and family, and being so close to Maui; but I’m ultra grateful for the opportunity Microsoft is providing.

I have so much to learn, not the least of which is Mandarin!  After doing some research I decided to use fluenz and I’m really impressed by it.  The passion and attention to detail the fluenz team has put into developing their products is immediately clear.  It should be an inspiration for all of us dedicated to delivering high-end user experiences.  My goal is to be conversationally proficient by end of this year.  Wish me luck 

In addition to learning the language and diving deeply into the technology scene I’m planning to doing some bicycle touring and mountaineering which should be a great way to experience the country.  I’ve been getting really into photography lately and I’ll try to post more pictures here.

I find it really interesting how opportunities in life unfold.  For me it’s always been about throwing myself out there and being open to new experience and adventure.  If living in China is anything like my experience living in Spain, I’m sure it will be life defining. 

If you are in China and want to connect, just let me know!

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