PHP on Windows Training Kit Support for Windows 7 Released

PHP on Windows Training Kit Support for Windows 7 Released

Today we published the March 2010 release of the PHP on Windows Training Kit which fixes a bug in the Dependency Checker for Windows 7. 

I apologize to anyone who tried early versions of the training kit and got the following error message.

Your current OS is not supported by the PHP on Windows Training Kit.  This kit takes advantage of IIS7 new features and will run only on those OS that support IIS7.

If your a PHP developer I’d highly recommend taking a look at this training kit.  There are bunch of really cool demos and hands on labs covering the following topics.

PHP & SQL Server Demos

  • Integrating SQL Server Geo-Spatial with PHP
  • SQL Server Reporting Services and PHP

PHP & SQL Server Hands On Labs

  • Introduction to Using SQL Server with PHP
  • Using Full Text Search over Office Documents in PHP

PHP on Windows Hands On Labs

  • IIS Access Control Features for PHP
  • Using IIS 7.0 Media Features in a PHP Application
  • Troubleshooting PHP
  • Migrating PHP Applications to IIS 7.0

You can download the latest version from the Download Center.

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